Improper Septic System Installation

Man pointing out septic tank to womanSeptic system failures are often related to poor design and improper installation. If a septic system suffers from inappropriate design it means that the wastewater system isn’t appropriate for the site conditions. Example of improper installation could be when pipes settle at odd angles and leaky joints develop, or wastewater pools on the ground rather than filtering properly through the soil.


Household Cleaning & Laundry Chemicals

Much needed bacteria in the septic tank is killed by chemicals sanitizers and chlorine preventing the digestion of waste. Many common household cleaning and laundry chemicals will inhibit or kill bacteria in the septic tank. Be careful what you flush! Read our maintenance guide for more information.


Materials That Are Hard to Break Down

A build up of materials that are hard to break down will cause a septic system to fail. Fats, oils, grease, and other organic materials are very slow & difficult for bacteria to break down. When combined with other materials such as soaps and detergents, they often clog up tanks, lines and leach fields. The same goes for other organic materials such as hair and toilet paper.


Too Much Water Flowing into The Tank

This called hydraulic overload.  If too much water flows into the septic tank, the waste does not get a chance to break down and metabolize the bacteria. Too much water will push solids out of the tank and into the leach field, which will cause major septic problems.