The Trouble-Free Septic System

Guy crouching near septic tank point to clipboard with woman standing beside himThe way you maintain and care for your septic system will influence how long the system lasts and how well it functions properly. The most important two things to be wary of for septic system owners are:

  • What gets flushed down the drain
  • How often your septic tank is pumped out and inspected

Your attentiveness to these two things will directly impact the effectiveness of your septic system. Neglect could cause harm to the environment or public health by polluting lakes or contaminating drinking water supplies.

Download our septic tank maintenance Booklet (PDF) for detailed information about septic systems.

Wally’s Flower Wagon helps all residential and commercial clients avoid the inconvenience and costs associated with repairing or replacing a failed septic system, by educating on how to properly operate and maintain their septic.