Does My Septic Tank Need to be Pumped?

Man pumping out septicIf you are unfamiliar with the workings of your septic tank, you might be wondering when and if it needs to be pumped. This depends on a number of different factors that Wally’s Flower Wagon is pleased to share with you.


Whether or not your septic tank should be pumped depends on the size of the tank and the number of people using the plumbing system in your home, cottage, or business. The Ministry of the Environment’s general rule is that septic tanks should be inspected regularly and pumped every 3-5 years. If you are unsure when the septic tank was last pumped, the best thing you can do is to have it pumped then our service technicians can recommend a maintenance schedule for you.


Proper maintenance, pump outs, and regular inspections will help you avoid costly repairs down the road. It’s not only the inner workings of your septic system that relies on proper care and maintenance. The environment, neighboring properties, and your family’s health can all potentially be negatively affected if a septic tank isn’t pumped when it should be.


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