An Important Choice

Guy inspecting septic tank while it is being pumpedAssuming that a septic tank is in good working order is a risk that no one should take. The potential expense and stress that a failed septic tank can cause for new home or cottage owners is simply not worth skipping the inspection. Did you know that the replacement costs for a new septic system can from $20,000 – $30,000?

A septic inspection will ensure that the system in question will function properly and not expose you & your family to financial or environmental harm. Knowledgeable realtors and lawyers will always recommend that a septic system pump out and inspection is a condition of the offer to purchase. It’s a critically important part of real estate buying and selling.

In addition to a full pump out, our licensed, MOE certified staff will determine and report:

  • The type of tank: concrete, steel, plastic, wood, or other
  • The size of the tank
  • The condition of the tank’s baffle, inlet baffle, and outlet baffle
  • The number of compartments
  • The number of clean outs
  • If the outflow to the leaching bed is clogged because of a back-up in the tank
  • If too much solid or scum material is in the tank
  • If it has been maintained properly
  • If the tank needs to be pumped more frequently
  • If any repairs need to be made.

Our service doesn’t stop at real estate pump outs and inspections; we take pride in educating our clients on how to properly maintain and care for their new septic system. Our staff would be more than happy to answer your questions regarding the health of your septic tank, too.

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